Friday, September 17, 2010


Another little plug for a festival which I'm playing at:

Gateway Festival takes place on the 24th & 25th of September, it's a private festival (invite only) but if you friend them facebook you can get a ticket. Taking place in an as yet undisclosed location in Wicklow, there's a load of bands and djs playing, other weird stuff too like burlesque dancers and whatnot. €30 quid for two days, plus you can bring your own booze!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I've been very kindly asked to play at the Give It Socks Festival which is taking place in Eastpoint Business Park on the 2nd of October. There's a wealth of great djs playing and it's really cheap, only 20 quid for the day which includes a shuttle bus from the DART. Starts around lunchtime on the day, if anyone would like a ticket they can email me at or contact the lads themselves. They have a paypal account set up to avoid bent ticketmaster fees (which is clever), and the contact for them is

It'd be great to see any/all of you there, and weather permitting promises to be a nice little affair. For the full line-up and links etc. head over to the facebook.


Richie Egan's Jape project is probably best known for their high-energy (not quite Hi-NRG) live performances and electronic pop anthems (Floating's riff is pretty much recognisable to everyone), but this song really showcases Egan's ability as a genuinely talented songwriter. Thanks to Ross for the heads up on this one, a beautifully crafted piece of work. You can get it for free too.

Also, the recently launched Jape website is great to explore, especially the music section where Richie gives notes on the recording of the albums. Interesting stuff. Great artwork there too.


I meant to post this ages ago, it's been sitting in the divshare account for around 5 months at this stage. I know, I'm an eejit. Anyway, enjoy it, this is the B-side to the Each Step single out on Circus Company. Check out more of the lads'stuff here and here.

Deetron & Seth Troxler - Sing


This one's been out about a week, since the end of last month on Cecille Numbers. I was drawn to the vocal sample on this one, nice little melodic touch to what is otherwise fairly sparse production. Buy it here


Getting back into the swing of things now, here's a few more to keep you going. First one is by Iron Curtis, the title track of the Stansfield EP released on Mirau this year. I just loved the piano hook and the old-school drums, pretty slick little jam. I can only assume the title of the EP was inspired by a certain 80's/90's Manc singer.

Iron Curtis - Stansfield

Thursday, September 2, 2010


The summer has pretty much come and gone, so I've come in from the sun to sit and blog after what, 3 months of laziness?  Anyway, the first post in a while is going to be a plug for two people who, in my humble, possibly naive and unschooled opinion, are two of the best djs in our fair capital.

Antonio O'Duibhir and Max Conte run the DeepIntoTheBowelsOfHouse* night which over the past year has become quite the hotspot for house music. Actual, proper, soulful, party time house music. Between the pair of them they have to be two of the best selectors around, their mixes always dedicated to the central soul of the music, if not always for the dancefloor (some are more understated, introspective listening affairs, perfect for walking around to).

On top of this, their productions are some of the best I've come across, and Antonio has released an EP on Splendid Lo-Fi Records (I wrote about it in an earlier post).

DIBH has been uprooted and upgraded over the summer months to Tripod on monthly Fridays (I think, I'm out of the loop somewhat at the minute), but if you use the internet as a tool for the discovery of information you can confirm this without too much hassle.

So my point is go check them out in Tripod or even just listen to and appreciate the lads' latest mix, as well as a tune by Antonio under a new moniker that's available to download. For free, if you can believe it.

 DeepIntoTheBowelsOfHouse Mix by Antonio O'Dwyer + Max Conte Sep 10 by MaxConte

 Lono (unmastered) by Tuatha Taiden

*In case you're curious as to the origins of the name, it's a tweaked title of a Dj Sprinkles song, "Grand Central Part 1 (Deep Into The Bowel Of House)", taken from the Midtown 120 Blues LP which was something of an instant classic on its release in 2009.